We All Need To Learn How To Wait

“Patience is a virtue” is what I always remind myself whenever I feel like I am losing it. I admit that I was the kind of person who’s impatient about everything. When I want something, I want it right away. And once I understood that it’ll take me so much effort and hard work before I get it, I’ll just keep it off my mind and move on. But as time goes by, I figured out that having that kind of attitude and mindset won’t bring me any good.

When I was still in my early 20’s, I just got out of university, I had this kind of belief that others’ successes were brought by luck and fortune. It never crossed my mind that before they got into their positions, the comfortable ones, they went through so many challenges too. That they were once like me; young, inexperienced and still needs to get more exposed to the outside world. I thought that being humble was enough but it isn’t. Life is so cruel, that’s what I thought. But things have changed when I learned how to be more patient as I get older and mature.

Instead of focusing on my weaknesses and incapabilities, I shifted it to my strengths and abilities. I remained positive and kept in my mind that all of the successful people went through the same path that I was taking. They worked hard too, surpassed obstacles and even failed in the middle of the process. Yet, they didn’t give up and still continue until they got into the top, where they wanted to be. And that’s because they had so much patient within them and never listened to other peoples’ judgments and negative comments. I did the same too and still on the process of being successful. And this time, I’ll make sure not to give up like what I did before.

Being patient applies to everything we do. Like for me, last month, I made a decision that I wanted to buy a new phone. Since I don’t have money on hand, I have to save for it. There were so many options that I can do so I can get a new phone right away. Either I borrow money or get one with the installment but I chose to wait when I finally have money to buy a new one. It’s just a simple thing but it has challenged my patience to save and don’t make an impulsive decision. Just like what I’ve said, it applies to everything – our career, savings, relationship, etc. If you learn how to wait and be patient, time will come and you’ll know it’s your time to shine.

Thank you so much for reading!


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