The Art of Letting Go

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my new dentist. I was supposed to have my braces adjusted but, he said that he needs to do other procedures not just it. While he’s checking on my teeth, he asked me if my wisdom teeth have already removed, I told him not yet. He said that it should be removed since it doesn’t have any use at all. I realized that it was true. My wisdom teeth cause me in pain sometimes because I tend to bite my inside cheeks accidentally that bring mouth sores. You’re probably asking what’s the connection of my wisdom teeth being removed with the topic of letting go. Here it goes.

Letting go of something or someone who no longer makes us happy will bring us peace of mind. It only means that we value ourselves and we know our worth. Yet, some people choose to stay with that person or situation even if it causes them so much pain every single day and I can’t blame them. Maybe because they love that person that they became so selfish with themselves. Or maybe they’re thinking that they don’t have any choice but stay only in that situation. I always put myself on other peoples’ shoes and try to understand their states. Yet, I always ended up giving importance to my freedom, self-worth, and happiness. Because I always believe that we have our own choices and we have to act on it. I know it’s easier said than done but how will you able to do it if you don’t think about it first?

We have to know that letting go doesn’t make us a selfish person. It only shows that we know we deserve all the good things in the world and there are no people or situations that can take it away from us. The world is full of toxic people who create toxic situations also. I don’t understand why they do that but what I know is it’s because they are not happy in their own lives so they spread their negativities to others too.

My dentist told me that it’s not necessary to have my wisdom teeth removed but since it doesn’t have any purposes, he still let me know about it. I choose to have it removed soon because it causes me soreness sometimes. The same thing that I’ll do with some people in my life who only bring bitterness, anger, and misery to me.

Thank you so much for reading!


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