It’s Fine to Be Alone (Sometimes)

Being alone doesn’t mean we’re lonely. Sometimes, it’s necessary to be on our own so we can figure out who we are, what is our purposes and what makes us different from other people. Some of us may not used to it but we have to learn how to do it because the only person who’ll never leave us no matter what happens, is us, ourselves.

I love being alone since when I was a kid. Although I easily get bored, I know how to entertain my self. I draw, color, sing all by myself and sometimes, acting in front of the mirror. But as we grow up, everything changed. I mean, NEEDS to change. Maybe that’s how life works; we need to change so we can survive in this world and don’t get called weird.

My childhood days were normal. I made friends in our neighborhood and even in school. Sometimes, I get bullied by some of my classmates but I managed to overcome all of it by facing them with my poker face. As I get older, I became much sociable and friendly with the people around me.

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I got lots of close friends in high school but, as time goes by, they made me feel so sad and lonely. I can’t explain the feeling that I was feeling that time. The realization hit me hard. It was my fault that I depended my happiness too much on them that’s why I was feeling that way. So, I told myself, from then on, I should keep distance to people.

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As I entered college, the same when I was in high school, I got lots of good friends too. But this time, I didn’t rely on them so I can be truly happy. From time to time, I made sure that I have a ‘me time,’ spend some time all by myself. I don’t call it selfishness because it’s one of my way of taking care of myself and it makes me feel good too. 

We don’t need other people to feel loved, special and beautiful. Ourselves is what we only have when everyone is gone. Remember, love ourselves first, learn how to be alone and we’ll never feel lonely again when people decided to leave us one day. 

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Thank you so much for reading!

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