The Value of “Me” Time

Have you ever experienced losing yourself because you rely too much on other people? Wherein you feel like you can’t live without them because they make you happy? And it made you forget how to be comfortable by yourself once in a while? You’re lucky if you still haven’t encountered it. But for me, I considered it a blessing because I won’t be able to write this post and share with you the lessons I learned.

My early 20’s were full of joy, thrill, and excitement. Unlike my teenage life where I just focused on school and home. Maybe that’s the reason why I felt free when I entered college since I’ll be away from home for a long time. I was a shy teen back then but luckily, I made lots of friends.

It was one of the best things that have happened to my life; meet new people and have fun. There were no days that I don’t go out with my friends even after class. I can say I was a bad influence in our circle since I was the one who always invites them not to go home straight. Until I didn’t notice that my world revolves around them. They make me happy, yes. They make me forget about my homesickness, yes. And they don’t make me feel lonely, yes. However, they also have their issues and life that they need to face and handle too.

When I was left alone, those times made me realize how having a “me” time is without a doubt, necessary in one’s life. It was a bit hard at first because I got used to my friends’ presence. I can’t always reach them all the time because they were busy too. So instead of bombarding them with texts and calls, I started spending my time with my sketchbooks, pencil, and books. I avoided using my phone and watching television.

For a couple of weeks of just concentrating on myself, I finally appreciate how it can make me a better person. It made me figure out what else I’m capable of doing and it has helped me to become a more productive and positive individual. And of course, it helped me to find my real purpose as a daughter, friend, partner and as a human being.

Having “me” time applies in every aspect of our life. Keep in mind that just because the people around us make us forget about our problems, it’s still different if we master the art of taking time for ourselves.

Thank you so much for reading!


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