How Spending Time with Nature Can Add to Our Happiness

I know that most of us are probably already making plans about the activities that we’re going to do after this stressful situation we’re in. After all, we all deserve to relax, have fun and celebrate once this is all done. I’m always trying to be optimistic and hopeful that everything will go back to normal. Instead of focusing on the things that make me more worried, I choose to concentrate on other productive things that I can do.

There are so many articles saying that spending time with nature can make us more joyful in life. Based on my experience, it was true. Since I left the big city and went back home, I’ve changed a lot. I was not only become physically active but I also became more confident, got a clearer mind and my attitude improved for the better.

Whenever I get stressed, I spend a few minutes of strolling in our garden and just enjoy the view of tall trees, the sound of the chirping birds and the cool breezy air. This activity allows me to think freely, be more appreciative and smile over simple things. Which was very different when I still don’t know it’s benefits. I used to rant on my social media accounts, complain about how tiring my day was, blah blah. Every time I looked back to my old self, I cringed and felt embarrassed.

Before, I don’t know why some of my friends take leaves from work and go on a trip. I used to think that they want to waste money. Now I fully understand how mountains, beaches, forests, nature in general, can be beneficial to all of us.

Thank you so much for reading!


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