What Silence Means To Me

They say that not hearing anything from someone is already a message. Well, I guess that’s true. We all have something to say about everything and when we suddenly become silent, other people assume that something is wrong. But what does silence truly mean?

In my point of view, silence means a lot. It can mean that we don’t want others to know what we’re going through. It can mean that we need space from other people and the world. It can mean that we got offended with others’ words and we no longer want to talk to them. Or it can mean that we just don’t want to speak what’s on our minds. Being silent can also mean that we can’t find the right words to say when we feel so happy. This can also mean that we prefer to listen to others instead of doing the talking. Whatever the reason behind it, it’s either a good or a bad thing.

When it comes to relationships and friendship, not hearing anything from someone isn’t that bad at all. There are some days that we don’t want to speak to others not because we hate them. But because we want to spend more time talking to ourselves, like self-reflecting. We need to breathe as well and not interacting with people can be helpful too. And being silent also means we’re too tired to talk, simple as that.

Silence mean being comfortable about everything. It’s about enjoying little things around us without uttering words. It means being thoughtful by allowing others to speak with their minds and letting them know that their opinions are important too. It means being aware that we need a break too from the chaos and noise of the world.

In today’s situation, silence means everything. We can no longer find time to be quiet because we all wanted to be heard. But does it ever cross our minds that being silent is more meaningful than talking nonsense?

Thank you so much for reading! 

2 thoughts on “What Silence Means To Me

  1. Indeed! And thanks to the recent lockdowns, I’ve been grateful that I can spend much more time in silence, learning what’s important and what’s not. I’ve also had much more time to focus on the craft of writing.
    Thanks for sharing, Danielle!

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