Why It’s Hard to be an Adult?

There was a point in my childhood where I wished to become an adult right away. I saw back then that when I finally grew up and become more mature, I can already do, buy and even say whatever I want. I felt that being an adult was something that every kid wanted to be right away.

Now that I’m already in my mid-20’s, I realized that being a kid is much better than being an adult. Since I turned 20 and got out of college, I had to process documents on my own since then. I no longer need someone to accompany me when I need to ride public transportation and go somewhere. And when it comes to making decisions whether it’s a simple one like what should I eat for dinner or should I apply for another job, I can already decide it on my own. But there is so much more in being an adult.

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One of my favorite movies to watch back then was Peter Pan. I envied him for being able to fly and being always on adventures. But what I don’t like about him was that he just stay as a kid until his last breath. That was the reason as well why he and Wendy didn’t end up being together. I always wonder what if Peter got married to her, will they be happily married?

Unlike Peter Pan, accepting the fact that becoming an adult is part of life. It means that I can’t always stay as a child who just plays all day and night, eat, sleep and enjoy life and worry about nothing. Although it’s difficult and complicated sometimes, being an adult has lots of good things too. It allows me to choose and decide on my own. I know that it requires me to be more responsible for my actions and words, not only I just grew up physically.

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It’s hard to become an adult because it’s not just a label. It’s a word that has different meanings and definitions. And for me, it’s about making big and better changes in the world even in the simplest and smallest possible ways. It may be for personal reasons or not, it doesn’t matter as long as it makes me and other people happy.

Thank you so much for reading!

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