It’s Nice to Have a Big Sister

As I type this post, my Mom just got home from work and decided to eat the salad that my eldest sister made yesterday. While me, on the other hand, is sitting in one corner, silently processing the words that I’m going to put here.

Honestly, me and my eldest sister are not that close like other siblings should be but I can say that we’re in good terms. There are some things that we agreed on and some are not and it’s normal. It’s true that as people get mature, the kind of people we were before is no longer the same today and in the future.

I was in high school back then when I saw how strong and protective my sister is. I got bullied by one of the students in the new school where we just transferred. She heard what happened and acted like a big sister to me by reporting the said student in the guidance office. We found out that he’s a varsity player aside from a graduating student. She told the counselor to don’t allow him to join the upcoming district contest and even attending the graduation ceremony. She demanded that just because we’re transferees, doesn’t mean he’s allowed to talk to us in not a nice way. What made her angrier was he even tried to hit me when in the first place, he should act as a role model since he’s older than me and also part of school varsity. I was teary-eyed and speechless when we got home.

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When it comes to sharing hobbies, kinds of music, food and movies, we almost have the same taste. I’m glad that I have someone who I can share some of the things that I like. I only a couple of people who’s only one child and don’t have an elder sister. They get envy because I have one but sometimes, I’m thinking if having a big brother is much better than a big sister.

Having a big sister has good and bad sides but mostly, nice ones. I grew up having the same clothes that she wore when she was a little kid too. Sometimes, I’m asking myself if our parents love me as much as they love her. She’s the one who always gets new things and if she no longer uses it, she’ll give it to me instead of asking our parents to buy me new ones.

When it comes to sharing secrets, we always have each others’ back. I shared with her once that I failed in one of my subjects when I was in college. We didn’t let our parents know about it until I passed it. And when it comes to relationships and heart to heart talk, we’re trying not to be so dramatic but still, we can’t avoid it. We know that being emotional sometimes is part of life and talking about it is what can make us feel better.

I can still remember the first time I got brokenhearted. She was the first one I called and talked to. I was just sobbing at that time and she’s just listening to me. She didn’t judge me and say something that will make me feel worst. I had her back to when she admitted that she’s bisexual and in a relationship with a girl at that time. She asked me not to tell our parents about it and I said yes. That’s my way of showing my respect for her decision. I just let her do it when she’s finally ready.

It’s nice to have a big sister because she’s my shoulder to cry on when things get tough. She’s the truest best friend I could ever have aside from our Mom and my other best friends. She acts as a parent sometimes when our parents are not around. I learn a lot of things from her and the fun part is, we do silly things together too.

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Thank you so much for reading!

4 thoughts on “It’s Nice to Have a Big Sister

  1. Me and my older shared a bedroom when she lived at home with us, our relationship had our ups and downs but im so thankful to have grown up with a big sister. Somebody to look up to, somebody to relate to. I love seeing her go through various life stages, and im sure she does with me too. Our bond has never been better than it is now. Its a privilege to have a sister and be a sister 💖

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