Things To Do When You Miss Someone

Missing someone that is very close to our heart can be difficult to deal with especially if they’re no longer out of reach forever. Maybe because we’re no longer in good terms with them, they moved away or passed away and longing for their presence can be emotionally draining. It’s great if we can still catch up with them from time to time, but if not, it can be very painful.

I easily get attached to people that I’ve met in the past and in these cases, some things reminded me of them. It may be a song I suddenly hear from the radio, a line that I read from a book, or food that I eat. Some memories make me smile but reminiscing the times we had together makes me sad. It’s funny to think that when you were at that moment, it feels like forever but the moment that it’s done, the memories can only last a split second and poof! It’s gone.

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When we miss someone, it’s normal to feel different kinds of feelings. Be sad, happy and angry if we want too but don’t let our emotions control us. There are things that we can do when we start longing for the person who’s not on our side in the present.

1. Spend time with people we’re with at the moment.

Don’t let the idea of lacking the person’s presence haunt us. Instead, shift our attention to those people who are there for us. Watch movies, eat and have fun with our friends and family. Just because we’re missing some people in our lives doesn’t mean that there are no other people that we can spend time with. Let’s grab the chance that we have with them rather than go back to the past and feel bad that they’re now only memories.

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2. Focus on making yourself better. 

Try new hair color, a new style, or treat ourselves with face and body massage. Let’s not get stress and feel miserable when we miss someone. Maybe we haven’t notice that when we’re still with the person we miss, we tend to focus on them and start to neglect ourselves. So this is the best time to test ourselves to become more independent.

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3. Occupy yourself as much as you can. 

Pursue new hobbies, watch new movies or series, read books are some of the things that we can do so we can fill in the time that we’re supposedly thinking about the person we miss. We’re already lonely inside so why not try to make ourselves complete on the outside?

Thank you so much for reading!

2 thoughts on “Things To Do When You Miss Someone

  1. Such great tips here!
    I find that even though remembering memories with them is hard, I like to look back at the good times we shared. That helps me focus on the positive rather than the negative! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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