Today’s Generation Is The Strongest

I heard a lot of things in the news about how this pandemic affects people’s businesses, careers and even the way how children will learn during this time. Doing a face-to-face interaction is restricted so the first solution that comes into our mind is a virtual strategy.

While others are getting ready for their online classes and jobs, others are still having difficulty producing their own computers and internet connections. Most of them are poor families who don’t have the capacity to provide for their children’s needs. When the situation was still normal, I know that some of them are just walking to go to school for how many kilometers with empty stomachs. But now, their dreams might get shattered in just a blinked of an eye because of this crisis.

I can say that I’m lucky enough to be born in a different generation, where everything is normal. But I feel sorry for the kids out there who don’t know what to do in these tough times. And at the same time, I admire them for staying strong and being hopeful that everything will be okay.

We all go through different obstacles in life and this is one of them. The young generation today will definitely learn so many things from what’s happening around the world. This is going to test them on how to stay positive when everything seems to start falling apart, make them more independent by doing things on their own and keep their faith more powerful despite the chaos around them.

We, adults, should always be there for them to support and encouragement them not to lose hope. Even if they’re already capable to do some things on their own, guiding them on their journey is still necessary so they can make their dreams into reality.

Thank you so much for reading!


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