Is Your Person for Keeps?

I’ve never been in so many relationships in the past but just listening to other people’s love stories made me believe that there’s really a person who is meant to each of us. Yeah, I sound hopeless romantic now because I am! Being bitter to those people who have hurt us in the past won’t bring any good to us. That’s why I try to stay positive that someone out there has something good to offer to every person. I hope this article will help you figure out if the person you’re with is for keeps.

When we meet someone, we easily get attracted to their physical appearance. When we start dating them, that’s the only time we’ll know their true colors behind those pretty and handsome faces of theirs. We’ll slowly understand why they speak, move and even think that way and we don’t notice we’re slowly adapting their manners too. I guess it’s normal especially if we’re with them regularly, like spending time together. However, how we will know if they’re the right person for us or not?

Here are some of the signs you need to watch out if they’re for keeps or not.

1. They support you.

You’ll know if your person is for keeps when they support you with what makes you happy. This may be on your career, hobbies and passion to pursue. They’ll be there whether you fail and succeed in whatever you do because they care about you. Being supportive of your partner is a good sign that will tell they have your back whether you fail or succeed in everything that you do.

2. They keep their promises.

When your person knows how to keep their promises, this may be showing up on time and place where you planned to, fetching you on time from work or showing on family gatherings because they told you so, then it’s another a check on the list. They won’t tell you so many reasons or alibis why they weren’t able to keep their promises because they value you and your time too.

3. They make time for you.

Communication is one of the key ingredients of a good relationship. This may be small talk about how was your day went, how’s your family, did you enjoy your day or some issues you’re dealing with lately about work or family, he’ll try to make time to listen to you. Even about things that matter to both of you like where you do want to go next trip, whether you want to settle down soon, etc. No matter how busy your person is, he’ll make sure that he’ll never forget to check on you whenever he can because he knows his priorities.

4. They trust you.

Another way to see if the person you’re dating is for keeps when he trusts you. It means that he doesn’t think you’re cheating when you don’t talk and see each other. Your person is confident that you’re not doing anything behind his back that’ll ruin your relationship because he knows that you’re not capable of doing it. It’s difficult to give your trust to someone especially when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Yet, when you know your partner that well, then you don’t have to bother that he’ll play with your heart.

5. They want to see and make you happy.

Your person is for keeps if they’re happy to see you smiling and laughing. They’re willing to do even the silliest thing that they can think of just to see you laughing your heart out and giggling. He wants to make you feel that you deserve all the good things in this world because your happiness is their happiness too, as simple as that.

6. They put effort into your relationship.

Putting effort in a relationship can mean being there when you need them, finding time to talk to you or see you, taking care of you and giving you compliments every single day. Doing these little, simple yet special things can be considered as effort. So when your person does these things, they’re surely for keeps.

7. They’re fine with healthy arguments.

Sometimes, discussing random thoughts that turn into arguments or misunderstanding is fine. You just have to make sure that it’s not insulting and both of you are open-minded about everything. Having healthy arguments from time to time won’t hurt both of you. It’s one way of knowing your partner too because if he’s the right one, you can talk to him without worrying that he’ll think it in a bad way all the time.

8. They give you space.

It’s also not good to spend time with your person 24/7 because it may cause you both to be fed up with each other. It may be sweet at first but when it’s becoming a routine, then it’s a bad sign. We all need to spend some time with ourselves and other people in our lives too, like friends and family too. You’ll know he’s for keeps if he understands that having a “me” time sometimes is necessary to make the relationship work well and stay healthy.

9. They respect your family.

You know that the person you’re with is for keeps when they respect your family. It only means and shows that they are family-oriented and they value those people who are important to you. They’re aware that they’re part of you and he should love them too.

10. They help you to become a better person.

Lastly, you’ll know if your person is for keeps if they help you become the best version of yourself. They encourage you to continue reaching your dreams even if you already feel like stopping. They’re your cheerleader when you’re feeling down and they never let you take a road that will not help contribute to your well-being and become successful in life.

Thank you so much for reading!


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