When The Timing Is Wrong

Last night was probably one of the most regretful things I did in my entire life. I seldom mention my two of four best friends who are guys here on my blog and today is going to be the first time. Let me tell you the whole story behind this post.

One of them, let’s call him A, the one who’s in a different country, suddenly tried to do a video call with me and B, the one who’s in the Philippines too. I don’t know what time what was it on A’s end and he was in the wrong timing calling us too since B and I was about to eat dinner already. I remembered A telling us that he’s going to call us back. I joked him that it’s fine if he can’t. He just said ‘okay.’ I didn’t bother because the three of us are always like that who loves to make fun of each other until one of us gets upset.

I suddenly remembered that November is A’s birth month. So I asked him when is the date because I already forgot, well, I’m not sure if it’s 12 or 15. He said, ‘it’s today.’ I told him I don’t believe him and he suddenly sent us his driver’s license showing his date of birth. It says, ’11/13/1994.’ He said that it was the reason why he tried to call us earlier because he doesn’t want to tell us through chat. So B already greeted him with a happy birthday and mentioned that his birthday is tomorrow. Of course, A’s time zone is ahead of us that’s why he said it’s today. And the silly side of me showed up at a very wrong time. I teased and made fun of him that he’s upset and all. I even told him to continue his sleep instead of keeping chatting with me and B. I know, it was harsh so I can’t blame him for not getting mad at me. B made me feel bad in some ways but I didn’t take it personally since all I can think of doing is sending a private message to A after he left in our group chat. I’m not really sure if he’s going through a rough time that he easily got furious but I still hope he’s fine now.

It’s great to have a guy best friend and I can say that I have two. The three of us met in our first grade after they punched each other. Our teacher made me their punching bag by putting me in the middle of them in the seating arrangement. I hated them back then because they always make me cry until I got used to it. After so many years of not seeing and talking to each other after elementary graduation, we got in contact again when I was in my third year in college. I saw how they fell in love and even got broken-hearted, the same as me. We talk about anything under the sun, even the most sensitive ones and because of that, I can tell that our friendship is getting stronger. We just end up laughing after we feel awkward as the conversation continues.

I’m not sure if A can read this since he’s busy right now on his Master’s degree. If he will, then I just wish him a happy birthday. I didn’t mean to make him feel bad in any way, I just got carried away with my blunt and sarcastic, funny side because I miss both of them. I can no longer remember when was the last time I’ve seen them, maybe that was when they were with their girlfriends, now ex-girlfriends. I just hope he’ll message me soon, that’s all.

Thank you so much for reading!


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