What’s New With This Year’s Halloween Celebration?

Happy Halloween everybody! I know that there will be a lot of changes in this year's celebration of Halloween due to the pandemic. However, we shouldn't allow it to stop us from having enjoyment! We can still celebrate it with our family at home, loved ones and even close friends we live with. Just be … Continue reading What’s New With This Year’s Halloween Celebration?

Evening Routines That Will Make Your Life and Work Productive

A complete 7-9 hours of sleep in a day is impossible for some of us. Of course, we all want to get ample rest after a long exhausting day at work, right? However, many distractions keep us awake and never let us give a break even for a couple of hours. Sometimes, we know that … Continue reading Evening Routines That Will Make Your Life and Work Productive

Why Not Make An Update

I have supposedly updated yesterday but I was still not feeling well. I still had a fever when I woke up this morning but I decided to take a shower because I want to get refreshed. And I was right! I had bread with peanut butter and a cup of hot chocolate before I took … Continue reading Why Not Make An Update

Is Your Person for Keeps?

I've never been in so many relationships in the past but just listening to other people's love stories made me believe that there's really a person who is meant to each of us. Yeah, I sound hopeless romantic now because I am! Being bitter to those people who have hurt us in the past won't … Continue reading Is Your Person for Keeps?

Another Normal Day

I slept last night at around 7 pm and I think that was the reason why I woke up at 10 pm, I just went back to sleep again. And again, I woke up at 1 am today and decided to scroll a few minutes on my Facebook newsfeed when suddenly, one of my friends … Continue reading Another Normal Day

Tricks That Will Surely Help You Save Money

It's always been my plan to write something about saving money and finally, the long wait is over. Saving money is one of the hardest things that we think we can do especially nowadays where most of the transactions are online and cashless. Even before this pandemic existed, most of us use credit cards to … Continue reading Tricks That Will Surely Help You Save Money

Not So Bad For My First Pancake

I tried to make a pancake this afternoon while my sister was having a nap and my Mom was busy in the garden. I was a bit hesitant at first because my sister was supposed to be the one who'll make it but I wanted to try something new! So, I got an egg from … Continue reading Not So Bad For My First Pancake

Wake Me Up When September Ends

The month of September is about to end and obviously, I didn't plan to just sleep for this whole month and wait for someone to wake me up when it ends. As you may know, my title is from a song from the early 2000s which I haven't heard since I was in high school. … Continue reading Wake Me Up When September Ends

I Tracked My Phone Usage And Here’s What Happened

After watching a Netflix documentary about social media called The Social Dilemma, I can honestly tell you how paranoid I am now when it comes to using my phone and visiting my social media accounts. I'm guilty of overusing most of my time on my phone after finishing all of my tasks in a day … Continue reading I Tracked My Phone Usage And Here’s What Happened

Why Do We Easily Get Bored?

I used to always say "I'm bored" whether I'm doing something or not. Some of you may be experiencing the same thing too. But have you ever thought as well why do we feel that way in some days of our lives? Did you also ask yourselves what are the reasons behind all of it? … Continue reading Why Do We Easily Get Bored?

A Little Push Will Do

I woke up this morning with my SO's text message telling me that he's starting to hate his job. That was the first time that he complained about it because every time I ask him about his day at work, he always says it's fine. I don't know if it's bad for me to feel this way … Continue reading A Little Push Will Do

Can’t Say No To My Mom

As I write this post, I'm already lying in bed while listening to music. It's been a while since the last time I listen to any songs here on my playlist. It's just past 9:00 pm here and I should be sleeping by now but I took a nap at 4:00 pm and woke up … Continue reading Can’t Say No To My Mom

Opportunities To Grab In This Pandemic

Maybe most of us complain about how annoying this pandemic does to our plans, work and relationship. We make negative things as the center of our attention and didn't even manage to see the good opportunities that it can bring to us. This morning, I had this thought about how can I stay productive and optimistic even I still can't do what … Continue reading Opportunities To Grab In This Pandemic

Why I Have Decided To Take A Break

Earlier today, while I was writing in my journal, my mind got blank in a split second. By that time, I know something is wrong with me. Yes, I’m sick since yesterday but what I worry about is my wholeness. I don't know what makes me feel sad, irritated, always on the verge of sobbing … Continue reading Why I Have Decided To Take A Break

Don’t Give A Damn

Since when I was a kid, my Mom taught me not to care about what other people are going to say about me. That I shouldn’t allow people to give me validation and I shouldn’t ask for it as well. And that’s when I started to master the art of not giving a damn. Giving … Continue reading Don’t Give A Damn