Going Through The Darkness Before Experiencing The Light

There's an enormous probability that each of us had been through rough times. And some may still be in that phase of life as of the moment. Some days, we feel awful about the past, reminding ourselves about the bad decisions we made and think that if we didn't take that road, we might be … Continue reading Going Through The Darkness Before Experiencing The Light

Things That I Am Grateful For

I'm aware that there will be bad days that'll get in my way and not every day is a good day. It's a reminder for me that bad days do exist, not only the good ones. So as much as I want to bring positivity to everyone every single day, I can't do that. I'm … Continue reading Things That I Am Grateful For

Ways to Avoid Feeling Insecure

Feeling down sometimes is normal, however, being insecure about ourselves all the time isn't. In my own experience, there are some days that I feel I don't do well in my life. I doubt and ask myself if I made the right decisions but I often do my best to see the positive in everything. … Continue reading Ways to Avoid Feeling Insecure

I Love And I Embrace My Body

I have a lot of insecurities when it comes to my body since when I was a kid. The scars on my face, the big, dark birthmark on my back, difficulty gaining weight and a height of a high school student. Some define me as cute and at first, I was happy about it. However, … Continue reading I Love And I Embrace My Body

Tiring But Productive Days of Mine

Four days of being outside and less time on my phone were some of the days that I wish to do all the time. But I'm also a human, like everybody else, who also gets tired and needs rest too. I can still feel right now the pain in my muscles because of too much … Continue reading Tiring But Productive Days of Mine

Try To Make Someone Laugh

While I’m writing this post, I’m trying my best not to burst into a laugh so I’m just smiling like an idiot while typing in front of my computer. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this kind of situation because I usually don’t end my day without having a good laugh about everything. There’s a … Continue reading Try To Make Someone Laugh