We Should All Be Grateful No Matter What

Being envious of other people's success can be draining to oneself. We tend to lose our focus on what we like to do, shift to others’ achievements and try to reach them and worst, be like them. And without realizing it, we’re already lost, stress and unhappy in our own lives. Focusing on the things … Continue reading We Should All Be Grateful No Matter What

It’s Okay Not To Know Everything

Are you feeling lost and starting to lose motivation on what you are doing? Well, you are not alone because everyone may experience the same thing as yours. I'm not sure if that is what they call ‘identity crisis’ but what I'm sure of is that it doesn't bring happiness. Everyone that I know has … Continue reading It’s Okay Not To Know Everything

It’s Never Too Late

While I’m in a hermit mode, I spend more time thinking about many things lately. One of those is about doing some things that I still haven’t experience. Some of you might already have a lot of stories of adventures to tell and I’m happy for you! Although sometimes, I feel like I’m way too … Continue reading It’s Never Too Late

Time Flies so Fast

It’s already half of the year and time flies so fast. I’m too busy to take a minute to look in the calendar and see what day is it. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s necessary because most of my routine is just the same. But I realized that it’s good too to track what day … Continue reading Time Flies so Fast

Don’t Give A Damn

Since when I was a kid, my Mom taught me not to care about what other people are going to say about me. That I shouldn’t allow people to give me validation and I shouldn’t ask for it as well. And that’s when I started to master the art of not giving a damn. Giving … Continue reading Don’t Give A Damn

Mornings Are Always The Best

Since when I was a kid, my Mom already trained me and my siblings to wake up early in the morning. I can still remember the days when she needs to brings us up from the bed to the dining room, feed us using her bare hands of rice balls with tidbits of fried fish. … Continue reading Mornings Are Always The Best

Why It’s Best to Shut Up When Angry

I'll be honest. I'm a short-tempered person. There were no days that I don't get pissed off, irritated and angry over simple things. My friends and family don't know why I get annoyed so easily and unfortunately, I, myself, don't have any idea too why I'm like this. I used to think that I probably … Continue reading Why It’s Best to Shut Up When Angry

Believe Me, You’ve Got This

I always make sure that every single day that I wake up, I’m in a good mood and ready to start my day with a smile on my face. Well, I know it’s not possible to happen yet I realized that if I shift my attention and mindset into much better ideas, it’ll definitely happen. … Continue reading Believe Me, You’ve Got This

How To Manage Your Stress Properly

Dealing with stress takes a lot of time, effort and patience. It may occur in our work, relationship, family and even friendship. And no matter how positive we view life is, we’ll come to the point where we’ll get tired and just want to go to sleep all day long. However, no matter how heavy … Continue reading How To Manage Your Stress Properly

Start Taking Care of Yourself First

We might be all very busy trying to survive in this toxic world by working our asses off and meeting other people’s expectations every single day. I know what it feels like being exhausted to do the job we don’t love, deal with people we really don't like, and try to be someone else that we’re … Continue reading Start Taking Care of Yourself First

What Does Happiness Mean

We all have different definitions of happiness. I realized that it can’t only be shown by smiling and laughing. Sometimes, it can be felt inside us and keeps on growing in the long run without any sign on the outside. It’s a sign of being content with what we have and being fulfilled with what … Continue reading What Does Happiness Mean

Productive Things To Do When You Feel Bored

If you're the type of person who loves staying at home on weekends instead of going out, or maybe you work from home like me, lucky for us because we're used to the four corners of our homes, unlike others. Some people feel the itch on their feet to leave and go somewhere else. However, … Continue reading Productive Things To Do When You Feel Bored

Thank you, My Mistakes

"Our mistakes don't define us as a person." That's what I always remind myself whenever I feel so down and unmotivated. I consumed my time reflecting on what my life would've been if I didn't make all the mistakes that I made in the past. Would I still be as strong as I am right … Continue reading Thank you, My Mistakes

You Have To Keep Moving

If you're feeling stuck (again), just keep moving. Don't stop. You shouldn't let negative things delay you from reaching your goals in life. It's fine to take a rest but make sure it'll not take too long. There may be some days where you wake up feeling hopeless, lost and unhappy. But remember that you're … Continue reading You Have To Keep Moving