Things That I Am Grateful For

I'm aware that there will be bad days that'll get in my way and not every day is a good day. It's a reminder for me that bad days do exist, not only the good ones. So as much as I want to bring positivity to everyone every single day, I can't do that. I'm … Continue reading Things That I Am Grateful For

I Love And I Embrace My Body

I have a lot of insecurities when it comes to my body since when I was a kid. The scars on my face, the big, dark birthmark on my back, difficulty gaining weight and a height of a high school student. Some define me as cute and at first, I was happy about it. However, … Continue reading I Love And I Embrace My Body

Signs That You’re On The Right Path

They say that you'll know you're on the right path when you feel so sure and right about something. At first, I'm not really certain what do they mean by that but when I started to feel so anxious about my future and where will life will take me, that's where I started to realize … Continue reading Signs That You’re On The Right Path

Try To Make Someone Laugh

While I’m writing this post, I’m trying my best not to burst into a laugh so I’m just smiling like an idiot while typing in front of my computer. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this kind of situation because I usually don’t end my day without having a good laugh about everything. There’s a … Continue reading Try To Make Someone Laugh

A Little Push Will Do

I woke up this morning with my SO's text message telling me that he's starting to hate his job. That was the first time that he complained about it because every time that I ask him about it, he always says it's fine. I don't know if it's bad for me to feel this way … Continue reading A Little Push Will Do

Better Things I Look Forward This Coming Ber Months

Ber months are just around the corner and I haven't noticed how hours, days, weeks and months fly so fast! These months are so big deal for Filipinos like me because this is the time where we are already getting ready for Christmas Day. The Philippines has the world's longest Christmas celebration and I'm not … Continue reading Better Things I Look Forward This Coming Ber Months