Focus On You And Let Go

Letting go of some people who no longer make you happy can bring you peace of mind. It only means that you value yourself and you know your worth. Yet, some people choose to stay with people or situations that no longer benefit them. No matter how you love the person is, being selfless is an unhealthy … Continue reading Focus On You And Let Go

Is Your Person for Keeps?

I've never been in so many relationships in the past but just listening to other people's love stories made me believe that there's really a person who is meant to each of us. Yeah, I sound hopeless romantic now because I am! Being bitter to those people who have hurt us in the past won't … Continue reading Is Your Person for Keeps?

How To Fix Misunderstanding And Prevent It From Happening Again

I'll give you a heads up now; I'm not really great at giving any advice when it comes to relationships because I, myself, is also having trouble dealing with my own issues. Most of the things I've written here are based on my experiences and ideas, sometimes from the people that I know too. We are all … Continue reading How To Fix Misunderstanding And Prevent It From Happening Again

The Value of Appreciating Others

It feels good to be appreciated by other people knowing that they value our work and effort to serve them. Hearing good words from those people we love and even strangers can affect us positively and boost our confidence within ourselves. Lifting each other in times like this is always one of the best things … Continue reading The Value of Appreciating Others

Signs That Long-Distance Relationship Is Not For You

Dating someone who is near me isn't my type. Maybe because I'm the kind of person who loves her own space and doesn't want to have someone to look after her. I prefer to do my own thing without asking someone's permission just because we're together. The idea of being far away from someone that I love makes me … Continue reading Signs That Long-Distance Relationship Is Not For You

Find Someone Who Makes You A Better Person

Find someone who will support you with everything that you do. The kind of person who will never stop you from reaching your dreams. Someone who wants to see you succeed rather than dragging you down and fail. Find someone who will not be selfish but selfless. The kind of person who wants to see you happy chasing after … Continue reading Find Someone Who Makes You A Better Person

What Would You Choose?

A couple of days ago, I asked a random question to my Mom while we were eating dinner, which I do most of the time. My question was, ‘would you rather be with someone who’s successful but doesn’t have time for you or someone who’s not that successful but gives all of his time for … Continue reading What Would You Choose?

Things I Wish I Knew on My Early 20’s

Figuring things out all by myself isn’t easy and I know, most of us are afraid of the unknown. However, that’s where the thrill exists. Life would be boring if we’re already aware of what's going to happen next. Just like when we watch movies, there’s no more excitement when the next scenes are predictable. … Continue reading Things I Wish I Knew on My Early 20’s

Value What You Have Before It’s Too Late

We probably all have regrets in our lives. It may be in terms of relationships, family, friends, career and even material things. Sometimes, I wonder why we can only see the value of something when we already lost it. It’s a funny thought yet we all need to understand that we should not take things, … Continue reading Value What You Have Before It’s Too Late

Why Knowing The Truth Hurts

I was listening to the radio earlier today when this question popped up into my mind. I'm not sure why, yet it made me think that this is an interesting topic to post on my blog. Have you ever wonder as well why does finding the truth behind something is painful? In some situations, letting … Continue reading Why Knowing The Truth Hurts

25 Things I’ve Learned at 25

As we age, it’s good to get mature on how we see and think about life in general. Each of us may already have faced so many problems and the way we handle things are all different. However, the most important thing about it was the life lessons we have learned. We should realize what … Continue reading 25 Things I’ve Learned at 25

How Toxic People Can Ruin Us

Being in a toxic relationship whether it’s with family members, significant others, colleagues and even friends could ruin us in so many different ways. I, myself, have been and still in this situation with a family member, specifically. It’s distressing to deal with people who don’t bring you joy and positivity every single day. And … Continue reading How Toxic People Can Ruin Us