Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Less

When it comes to decision-making, some of you might just want to stay in the comfort zone. I understand how terrifying it can be to do something that is new for us. However, taking risks and facing our fear is one way of growing and be a better version of ourselves. Personally, I do love … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Less

Ways to Avoid Feeling Insecure

Feeling down sometimes is normal, however, being insecure about ourselves all the time isn't. In my own experience, there are some days that I feel I don't do well in my life. I doubt and ask myself if I made the right decisions but I often do my best to see the positive in everything. … Continue reading Ways to Avoid Feeling Insecure

Thank you, My Mistakes

"Our mistakes don't define us as a person." That's what I always remind myself whenever I feel so down and unmotivated. I consumed most of my time reflecting on what my life would've been if I didn't make all the mistakes that I made in the past. Would I still be as strong as I am right now … Continue reading Thank you, My Mistakes