Tricks That Will Surely Help You Save Money

It's always been my plan to write something about saving money and finally, the long wait is over. Saving money is one of the hardest things that we think we can do especially nowadays where most of the transactions are online and cashless. Even before this pandemic existed, most of us use credit cards to … Continue reading Tricks That Will Surely Help You Save Money

Ways to Avoid Feeling Insecure

Feeling down sometimes is normal, however, being insecure about ourselves all the time isn't. In my own experience, there are some days that I feel I don't do well in my life. I doubt and ask myself if I made the right decisions but I often do my best to see the positive in everything. … Continue reading Ways to Avoid Feeling Insecure

Manage Your Stress

Dealing with stress takes a lot of time, effort and patience. It may occur in our work, relationship, family and even friendship. And no matter how positive we view life is, we’ll come to the point where we’ll get tired and just want to go to sleep all day long. However, no matter how heavy … Continue reading Manage Your Stress

How To Keep Long Distance Friendship Works

Being in a long-distance status doesn’t only apply for couples who are in a relationship but also in friendship. I’m currently in this state where some of my friends are miles away from me which makes me sad sometimes. This post is dedicated to those people who are in the same boat as me who … Continue reading How To Keep Long Distance Friendship Works